Thrio’s CX Platform Redefines Feature Delivery at Scale

Thrio, Inc., maker of award-winning contact center technology, announced today its mid-year development milestone of approximately 100 net-new, high-impact features. These took place across 17 distinct sprint cycle releases and highlight Thrio’s commitment to delivering constant improvement to customers and partners. These capabilities are a mix of customer requests and Thrio’s own vision for what a modern CCaaS platform should bring to the market.

“The days of slow development and a few software releases a year should be well and truly over,” said Ran Ezerzer, Thrio’s Chief Technology Officer. “We’re proud to keep a steady flow of new capabilities coming to our customers, which helps them adapt to changing business needs and consumer demand.” Thrio’s new capabilities touch all aspects of its CX platform, including:

  • New artificial intelligence features, incorporating the latest in generative AI
  • Enhanced business intelligence and data visualization, giving supervisors and business unit leaders new insight and access
  • Refined agent desktops, simplifying and adding context to reduce agent swivel-chairing
  • An updated user interface, for an even easier to navigate experience for agents and supervisors alike

These enhancements deliver value to Thrio customers in a wide range of verticals, from travel/hospitality to business process outsourcing. They are built on top of Thrio’s unique hybrid CCaaS platform with CPaaS capabilities, allowing for seamless and rapid integration with a vast array of third-party platforms. And with every platform function having a corresponding REST API, it’s easier than ever to orchestrate the full CX stack using Thrio. Thrio’s roadmap for 2H 2023 is equally packed, with major initiatives in journey orchestration and AI-powered agent assist, among others. These are coupled with new capabilities allowing Thrio customers and partners to develop on top of the Thrio platform. Together, these point to a strong second half for Thrio’s highly flexible, extensible platform.

About Thrio, Inc.

For businesses who want to meet customers on their terms, the solution lives within Thrio. Our flexible, scalable AI-powered contact center platform paves the way for friction-free sales and service. Powerful automations make agents’ jobs easier and quicker, with more personalized service for every customer. Thrio helps enterprises stay at the heart of the right conversations and the right experiences, every time.

Thrio Contact:

Lance Fried
Chief Marketing Officer

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