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Personable, rich conversations made possible with Thrio Voice

Omnichannel comms have been king for years. And today, there are more options than ever before for customers to get in touch with customer care with their questions.

But despite the wide range of contact methods available, actually talking to a person on the phone remains the number one choice for millions.

Ensure every customer feels heard with Thrio Voice – the cloud call center solution.

Thrio Voice technology keep your agents ahead of the conversation. With intelligent routing, campaign management and real-time call analytics as standard, your agents are free to focus on what really matters – connecting with every customer or prospect and getting to the heart of their questions.

Key product features

Key product features

  • Don’t simply stay compliant on outbound – Thrio delivers accurate personalization, with dynamic campaign management that ensures you call the right people at the right time. Equally, route inbound calls to the correctly skilled agent. Deploy advanced routing models to customize how calls are treated in queue.
  • Additionally, Thrio supports both inbound and outbound blending, as well as media blending by agent. This means agents can be set up to handle both inbound and outbound calls, and also be set up to handle multiple media types simultaneously.
  • Use outbound IVR-based dialogs that will converse with called parties when they answer the phone.
  • These automations can be tied directly to IVR/ASR capabilities using native touch-tone input and also include custom Google Dialogflow IVRs.
  • Predictive dialing –fully automated predictive dialing
  • Preview dialing – semi-automated preview dialing, also known as manual dialing. With preview dialing, agents can make outbound calls according to the goals preset by their supervisor.
  • Priority preview dialing – a version of progressive dialing in which the records that are automatically sent to agents are manipulated based on dynamic priorities, instead of a static list. Thrio supports an API that allows customers to add contact records ‘on the fly’ and to re-order those records by way of priority.
  • Fully automated progressive dialing.
  • With Thrio, each agent is able to disposition a call as needing a callback and also to set the callback with a pop-up scheduler.
  • Callbacks can be “personal,” going back to that same agent, or they can be returned to the full agent pool for callback.
  • Start and stop campaigns programmatically via REST API, or set them to run on a schedule you define.
  • Turn voice calls into accurate, searchable transcriptions, right inside Thrio. 
  • Redaction and data loss protection – Thrio can redact and flag PII (Personal Identifiable Information) and other secure data in both recordings and the transcriptions of those recordings. This reduces data risk and makes PCI Compliance doable
  • Pre-Made tokens for fine-tuning speech recognition model – Thrio also surfaces a variety of pre-made tokens in the administrative UI to enhance transcription accuracy. This is sometimes called Speech Adaptation – the ability to modify the results of the speech recognizer by adding domain-specific or rare words
  • Understand not just what your customers are saying, but how they feel and what they really mean when they’re talking to your team. 

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