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True end-to-end omnichannel comms for sales and customer service

Connect with customers wherever they may be with Thrio Digital, a customer service solution

There are more options than ever for customers to get in touch with their enquiries: SMS, Chatbot, email, webforms, social – the list goes on. But delivering a frictionless experience and giving customers the care, support and outstanding service they expect? That’s more difficult.

Create friction-free communications with Thrio Digital’s customer service solution.

Thrio Digital keeps you one step ahead of every conversation, no matter where that conversation starts – or how it continues. No more frustrated customers repeating enquiries. No more lost prospects who don’t quite make it to a sale. Just intelligent workflows, and richer context for every conversation. So you can show every customer you care, by solving their queries effortlessly.

Key product features

Key product features

  • With the Thrio system, you can receive live chats from customers who encounter a chat form on a website or mobile app powered by Thrio. Be aware that because Thrio uses AI, customers may first encounter a chatbot. Often times, the chatbot will support an intelligent dialog with the customer and answer all the questions they need and the chat never becomes ‘live’ for you to intervene.
  • Thrio supports:

1) Outbound SMS

  • Reach customers via both 1:1 personal messaging and large-scale automated outbound campaigns.

2) Inbound SMS Routing

      • Leverage Thrio’s skills-based routing to get messages to the right agent, right away.

3) SMS Automation

      • Thrio offers “simple” automated responders and visual IVR functions in addition to complex virtual agents
      • Thrio SMS also includes proactive outbound SMS that can notify customers of upcoming appointments, bills due, service changes due to weather, and many more use cases.

4) SMS ‘Sidecar’ to augment in-queue voice calls.

      • SMS Sidecar allows you to augment an existing voice call by offering automated SMS messages to customers waiting for a voice agent. You can use Thrio to interact with customers while they wait. For example, you can provide outage updates, offer hyperlinks to automate payments or open support tickets. This is an effective ‘second chance’ at deflection.
      • This can also be used for 2-factor authentication, offering verification codes that can fully automate account credentialization before a call reaches an agent.
  • Thrio offers email natively with SendGrid and also supports IMAP4, POP3, Secure POP3 with enterprise email servers.
  • Thrio can also handle inbound emails and use AI to analyze header and body text for intelligent routing. Agents can respond to emails on behalf of the enterprise. 
  • Thrio has integrated with Twitter and Facebook DM and Page comments.
  • Social work items appear on the agent screen, using Thrio’s unified interface for chat, email and SMS. This makes it easy for agents to navigate around a variety of media types.
  • Thrio supports WhatsApp for both template and session messaging. 
  • Inbound chat support
    • Thrio’s built-in agent-facing IO Action Matrix applies to all channels, regardless of inbound or outbound direction. This includes scripting for chat, SMS, email, social and voice campaigns.
  • Inbound email support
    • Thrio’s built-in agent-facing IO Action Matrix supports channels, regardless of inbound or outbound direction. This includes scripting for chat, SMS, email, social and voice campaigns.
  • Inbound SMS Support
    • Agent-facing scripting applies to all channels, regardless of inbound or outbound direction. This includes scripting for chat, SMS, email, social and voice campaigns.
  • Use Thrio’s IO Workflow Engine for simpler bot dialogues, including workflows for automated SMS, chat, or messaging conversations. 
  • For deeper automation requiring data dips and complex rules, Thrio offers powerful optional full virtual agents.

From siloed comms to multi-experience conversations

When a customer looks for answers, their first port of call is likely to be your website. They may submit questions to a chatbot, read FAQs, talk with a live agent or email your customer support contact – only to find they need to pick up the phone to get their query resolved.

Then, after battling the IVR and waiting on hold, often they’ll have to repeat the same question again, and explain their journey so far – including any previous conversations. All of which adds frustration, time and ultimately cost.

With Thrio Digital’s customer service solutions, your customers can seamlessly transition from chatting with a bot to a live agent within the same session. And when it’s time to close a sale or upsell a service, and your customer needs to speak to someone on the phone, the transition is faultlesswithout having to repeat a single sentence of their original enquiry.

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