Thrio Native Process Automation

Keep customers and agents happy and focused on what matters

Intelligent, efficient workflows with Thrio Native Process Automation

As the choice of channels for customers getting in touch grows, the trail of information they leave behind grows too. But often that information is wither fractured, or stored across so many different platforms that it’s lost completely.

The result is frustrated customers having to go over and over the same information. And agents who feel like they’re always on the back foot.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. It IS possible to automate routine tasks, so that agents can focus on the conversation at hand and information is routed to exactly the right person within the enterprise.

Transform your reactive comms into proactive conversations with Thrio Native Process Automation.

Thrio NPA keeps your agents ahead of every conversation, and customers right at the heart of it. With dynamic, intelligent workflow engines designed for easy use and deployment, there’s richer context for every conversation – and even better support for agents too.

For super-streamlined processes that leave agents and customers satisfied.

Breaking new ground in contact center technology

Previously, enterprises deploying process automation tools would need to contract with a third-party vendor and then incur professional services costs to integrate with their existing contact center platform.

Now, Thrio NPA makes complex, customizable, multi-step interactions possible – in just a few clicks or even fully independent of agents or end users.

This might include proactively notifying customers of a utility outage, surfacing helpdesk articles to an agent as soon as the customer shares an issue, or retrieving CRM data on a single screen, eliminating time consuming application switching.

Whatever the need, the strength of Thrio NPA is its simplicity

Our automation tools are code-free and configured with visual drag-and-drop interfaces. This means that a non-technical team member can design, test, and deploy these automation routines easily and in record time.

Thrio customers using our NPA tools rely on them for critical applications in healthcare, financial services, marketing and customer service. From dynamic routing models to ongoing consent maintenance, customer self-service, and single-click sending of customized follow-up messages, Thrio NPA helps enterprises, agents and end users get more done, faster and easier than ever before.

Key product features

Key product features

  • Thrio’s IO Workflow Engine uses drag-and-drop functions, including those for automated attendant, bot, voice queue treatment and IVR use. 
  • With over 80 distinct workflow actions, there are billions of possible ways to deploy Thrio for powerful, efficient automations.
  • Evoke REST APIs that connect Thrio to a vast array of third-party systems, generate custom IVR prompts, and more.
  • Thrio gives you the ability to replicate and rename entire campaigns with a single click. This means all the work you put into a complicated campaign or workflow may be reused for another, similar campaign or workflow.
  • Thrio provides the ability to upload prompts, delete them and listen to them. The Thrio system includes a library of predefined, pre-recorded prompts. You can also record your own prompts to associate them with custom-designed workflows.
  • Thrio natively supports robust survey instrumentation via our IO Action Matrix. With a few clicks, you can provision forms and surveys that are ‘bi-directional’, supporting both customer-facing and agent-facing UI.
  • You can create customer-facing and agent-facing forms that include buttons, drop-downs, check boxes, radio buttons, verbatim text, sliders, and schedulers. You can also embed action buttons in an IO Action Matrix which are tied to a specific campaign’s workflow.
  • Thrio supports basic, customizable scripting and also advanced survey-instrumentation scripting tied to the IO Workflow Engine.
  •  This is enabled using Thrio’s native IO Action Matrix. Advanced scripting means you can embed agent-facing action buttons into scripts that are tied to automated workflows

Automation with intelligence

There are multiple places today’s customers can go to engage with their product and service providers. Chat, email, social, SMS, voice – the list goes on. But too often, many conversations are siloed – leaving your customer stuck in an endless loop of repeating the same information, while your agents bear the brunt of their frustration.

With Thrio Native Process Automation, this frustration is neutralized.

Our AI-powered platform collates each customer’s data from every interaction and touchpoint, no matter the source. And with that information presented back to agents, every conversation is smoother.

One vendor for all your needs

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