Thrio Announces Three Security & Privacy Certifications

Thrio, Inc. announced that Thrio’s CCaaS platform was awarded third party certification for three major security and privacy standards including GDPR, PCI DSS, and HIPAA. Thrio’s compliance with these legal and regulatory frameworks was verified by a globally recognized auditing firm.

Thrio worked closely with a global security and privacy auditing firm to achieve these certifications. Third party audit results for IT-GRCM (Governance, Risk Management and Compliance Management) must be a serious consideration for any enterprise evaluating IT infrastructure and software providers. Likewise, regional distributors are faced with objections from enterprise customers if vendors do not possess these certifications.

Thrio’s certification process included the submission of technical product evidence and comprehensive policy documentation on its internal security and privacy standards. Risk assessment policies, architectural review, and operational security assessments including penetration testing were also included as part of these audits.

“Thrio has implemented a wide array of controls and safeguards in our code and processes to protect customer data and support enterprises in their own compliance efforts,” said Gerald Holly, Chief Security Officer. “Our security teams work tirelessly to ensure that best practices are followed to keep customer data safe worldwide.”

About Security and Privacy Standards

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679) compliance assists Thrio customers in their efforts to do business in the European Union. This data protection, privacy, and data security standard is also relevant for enterprises whose data flows through the EU as GDPR covers data exporting out of the European Union.

PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliance provides Thrio customers with payment card and information security. Thrio’s PCI DSS certification helps to enable an enterprise’s own data protection activities related to payment processing.

HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliance provides data privacy and security provisions for safeguarding medical information. Enterprises using Thrio can be assured that the administrative and technical requirements for software providers have been followed. These include but are not limited to secure data flows, audit trails, and end-to-end encryption.

About Thrio, Inc.
Thrio’s groundbreaking CCaaS platform features leading native process automation capabilities, inbound and outbound voice engines, a complete suite of digital channels (email, chat, SMS, social), and a range of AI tools built right in. Thrio’s team consists of leading contact center experts who develop and market modern, cutting edge technology with reliability that aims to redefine contact center industry standards. To learn more, please visit

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Chief Marketing Officer

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