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About FTS

Operating since 1999 and headquartered in Ontario, Canada, FTS is a business process outsourcing company with a vast portfolio. A significant proportion of its customer base is in the pharmaceutical industry, along with a substantial number of financial services clients.


Why partner with Thrio?

When FTS determined they were in need of a technology refresh to stay competitive and continue to deliver for its customers, they conducted an extensive search of contact center infrastructure providers, deciding that Thrio was the perfect fit for their objectives.

The team selected Thrio for a number of reasons, including:

Transforming customer experience for BPOs

Many BPOs are still using on-premises software and have yet to reap the benefits of enterprise automation and artificial intelligence. But most of the legacy systems BPOs use require third-party vendors to bolt on these modern capabilities. Many BPOs are therefore looking for replacement platforms that can cut the complexity. They want to reduce vendor count, move from on-premises software to modern cloud platforms, and find a clear path to omnichannel capabilities and advanced campaign management. And that’s where Thrio comes in. 

Our solution

To maintain a competitive edge, FTS needed a technology upgrade. Thrio’s solution provided a full contact center refresh, introducing automation into their campaigns and increasing efficiencies. Additionally, it was essential to move from on-premises software to a simple cloud deployment.

Thrio’s all-in-one cloud-based service made this possible, while allowing the service provider to reduce vendor count and eliminate problematic multi-platform integrations.

As their legacy system had bandwidth limitations, including a hard limit on simultaneous interactions, Thrio also allowed FTS to handle a higher volume of traffic and take on more customers.

FTS has since seen rapid and significant increases in efficiency, resulting in greater customer satisfaction from their BPO clients.

The results

Since transitioning to Thrio, FTS has seen significant operational enhancements, including significant time savings, consolidated technology and vendors, increased revenue and new sales opportunities. Thrio’s platform also reduced stress on IT staff, who were investing a great deal of energy and resources to maintain the legacy solution.

In order to collect SLA and KPI data, FTS previously had to run hundreds of separate reports, extract relevant data, and manually build spreadsheets to get to the insights required. This was not reliable from a data integrity perspective and took significant staff time.

Thrio automated this with a single click. FTS estimates this has led to a 20% time reduction to staff that has been repurposed towards better activities.

Accessing recordings was a labour-intensive activity, requiring FTS staff to download and send 10% of calls to customers each day.


With Thrio this has been automated and delivered in real time. Thrio’s NPA automated the process of sending call recordings via FTP. This equates to 1 FTE in terms of time saved.

Bandwidth limitations plagued FTS in many ways, ranging from a limit on simultaneous interactions, to hardware. This stressed the business during peak season usage.


With Thrio there are no limits, making it easy to handle traffic spikes – both planned and unplanned. Without bandwidth limitations the service provider was free to take on more clients.

The legacy platform was not compliant with HIPAA and PCI – a challenge when trying to stay competitive and bring on new clients.


Thrio is third-party certified in HIPAA and PCI, ensuring FTS is now compliant and meets industry standards.

Before, agents were on their own during every interaction, with no way to get supervisor or peer support during a call.


Thrio’s agent-to-agent chat allows employees to consult each other or get support from supervisors during a call. This led to increased first call resolution (FCR), reducing transfers and time spent on hold.

In their own words

“Thrio has dramatically improved our productivity and ability to better service our customers, and has delivered exactly what we were looking with our technology
upgrade initiative.

From an operational perspective, we are very pleased with the solution’s reliability, security and ability to take the stress of supporting our prior system off of our IT staff.

From a strategic perspective, we are even more excited about the additional digital and AI capabilities Thrio offers.”

Director of Opertions

FTS Business Process Outsourcing

Goodbye siloed comms.

Hello frictionless conversation.

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