Why Pick Thrio?

Enterprises of all sizes, from small shops with three agents up to publicly-traded entities in regulated spaces with over 200 agents, find Thrio compelling for the same reasons. 

Today, software isn’t just a service you subscribe to. The vendors you depend on are the lifeblood of your business, touching every part of your operations. Our customers choose Thrio for clear, straightforward reasons. We’ll walk through a few of them below. 

Easy to Work With 

  • With Thrio, there’s always a real person on the other end of the communication. Your inquiries don’t disappear into an endless queue, and you won't get a generic response back. We've got real people ready to help at every step of the process, from a first inquiry to customer onboarding and support needs once you've gone live.
  • Our customers report that the personal service they receive is a key driver of their decision to work with Thrio. They've told us this directly and have expressed the same sentiment to prospective customers on reference calls.

Attentive to Roadmap Requests

  • The promise of software-as-a-service is that it’s constantly getting better, without ongoing capital investments by customers. 
  • Thrio believes that truly understanding our customer’s businesses and listening closely to theirs needs, requests, and wild ideas is a key way for us to deliver truly transformative updates and enhancements. 
  • Our customers find that we are exceptionally receptive to working hand in hand with them to bring new features and capabilities to Thrio in record time. 

True Partners with our Customers

  • We’ve been on both sides of the software-as-a-service equation, as customers and as vendors. We're focused on the "service" portion of SaaS, and we believe that when our customers thrive, we do too.
  • We are acutely aware that today, enterprises need to know that vendors aren’t just selling a subscription. Whether it's accelerating roadmap items, conducting hands-on training, delivering thorough support, or acting as overlays in the sales process for our channel partners, Thrio stands alongside our customers.
  • We win deals when we're up against larger legacy players for this exact reason. Our customers tell us as much, and their decision to work with Thrio over other vendors speaks volumes.

All-in-One Platform Reduces Complexity

  • Today, the integration of a full set of digital channels alongside high quality voice traffic often means working with multiple vendors. 
  • Thrio simplifies that process, reducing vendor counts for our customers. 
  • Some customers have seen their vendor count go from seven to one when they switched to Thrio. This not only reduces cost, but improves agent efficiency by decreasing swivel-seating and streamlining operations. 

Cost Savings & Flexible Pricing

  • We know that some enterprises prefer predictable, fixed costs, while others want to only pay for what they use. Thrio offers multiple pricing models to meet your needs. 
  • These include standard per-user per-month pricing, as well as three distinct usage-based models. 
  • Our customers also find Thrio to be competitively priced compared with both legacy enterprise CCaaS platforms as well as small outbound-focused products. 
  • Our customers have realized tremendous value through this combination of low cost and flexible pricing. Some report that switching to Thrio was a “no-cost” deal for them, bringing significantly enhanced capabilities at the same price they had previously paid for a less robust platform.

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