Our Team

  • The founders of Thrio have deep knowledge and expertise in the contact center and automation space. Our team has been in the industry as thought leaders and executives for several hundred years combined. Most everyone on the team has several decades under their collective belts. 
  • This team pioneered the leading edge of omnichannel, social engagement and AI-based systems long before others had a name for it. So, this is not our first rodeo. In fact, together we have built and sold several well-known companies in the space including Telephony@Work and SoCoCare. 
  • That said, we aren’t resting on our past accomplishments. We have a clear vision for transforming the customer and agent experience. Our customers, partners, and analysts validate that vision through their feedback as users of our platform, resellers of our product, and observers of the industry at large. 
  • The common thread that links us all together is a passion for innovation and the idea of commoditizing complex technology so it can be easily used.