Thrio Redefines Seamless Service

Thrio, Inc., maker of award-winning cloud contact center software, announced today its Seamless Service, a benefit of the company’s highly resilient and geo-redundant CCaaS offering. Seamless Service means customers who migrate to Thrio from legacy platforms no longer have to endure disruptions during system upgrades, maintenance, or hotfixes.

“In our 24/7 ultra-connected world, there’s no good time to be down,” said Edwin Margulies, Thrio Chief Executive Officer. “Exceptional customer experiences depend on highly available infrastructure, and we’re proud to offer that at Thrio.”

Seamless Service Benefits:

  • Business continuity – Enterprises can run three full shifts every day, without interruption
  • Global reach – Businesses can run 24/7 across time zones, with confidence that operations won’t be interrupted by software maintenance
  • Operational predictability – keep teams focused on delivering great customer experiences, not managing for downtime

Seamless Service is Enabled By:

  • Modern, cloud-based architecture that is distributed and redundant
  • Multi-level load balancing
  • Thrio network management that gracefully updates microservices without disruption

“It’s 2022, and there is no reason for solution providers to take systems down for migration or maintenance,” says Dan Miller, lead analyst at Opus Research. “Thrio’s Seamless Service offers businesses a welcome move in the right direction.”

About Thrio, Inc.

For businesses who want to meet customers on their terms, the solution lives within Thrio. Our flexible, scalable AI-powered contact center platform paves the way for friction-free sales and service. Powerful automations make agents’ jobs easier and quicker, with more personalized service for every customer. Thrio helps enterprises stay at the heart of the right conversations and the right experiences, every time.

Thrio Contact: Lance Fried Chief Marketing Officer 858-248-0098

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