Thrio Launches Groundbreaking AI-Powered CCaaS Platform

Today, Thrio™ announces the launch of its one-stop artificial intelligence powered CCaaS platform. This includes an array of AI tools, a complete suite of digital channels (email, chat, SMS, social), and inbound and outbound voice engines.

Thrio AI, Thrio Digital, and Thrio Voice are interwoven with a workflow engine, Situation Routing, and journey orchestration capabilities. Together, these enable enterprises to create multi-channel, multi-step customer journeys that are context-rich at every step. Agents are empowered to improve CX through Dynamic Agent Support, featuring real-time insights, scripts that adjust in real time based on interaction context, and the integration of contact history across all channels in a single, adaptable interface.

Thrio AI
The core of the Thrio platform is a network of seamless, practical AI engines for decisioning, routing, and insights. These systems work together in varying combinations to make complex workflows simple to build, easy to change on-the-fly, and straightforward to optimize. Since these AI tools are built in, enterprises can avoid today’s costly, slow integrations with multiple vendors.

Thrio Digital
Thrio is ready to meet today’s omnichannel consumers on their channels of choice, enabling seamless transitions between chat, SMS, email, and voice. Enterprises using Thrio can create custom digital engagements, enabling lead capture, sales qualification, appointment setting, product registration, and other workflows, all in a visual, code-free builder.

Thrio Voice
Thrio’s inbound and outbound voice engines enable efficient, effective campaigns thanks to powerful automation rules coupled with Situation Routing, ensuring that consumers are connected to the right agent, right away. Thrio also surfaces actionable insights through real-time monitoring and reporting. The platform is designed to assist in compliance efforts thanks to Intelligent Scorecards, automatic DNC management, and the CleanCall™ Hands-On Quarterback Mode, which adds human intervention to high-volume outbound dialing.

Thrio vs. Everyone Else
Thrio delivers adaptability in multiple domains. On the platform level, Thrio can be leveraged as a complete solution or as an overlay on top of existing environments, offering the same advanced technologies to anywhere from multi-site enterprise customers at scale down to SMB shops. At the agent level, Thrio offers fine-grained control over roles, skills, and permissions, allowing enterprises to empower agents as they see fit. At the financial level, Thrio offers multiple usage-based pricing models that offer customers tremendous flexibility in how they use and pay for system access. Additionally, Thrio’s redundant, federated cloud on cloud architecture delivers scalability, reliability, and seamless updates. Taken together, Thrio creates enriched customer experiences, improves agent productivity, and enables enterprises to deploy new capabilities faster while updating seamlessly and without interruption.

“With Thrio, we are now properly armed in real time with a 360-degree view of our end users. We can better and more efficiently service them on their terms – whether that be a call, chat, SMS or email.” said Amir Erez, CEO of Cedar Financial. “We’ve seen a substantial increase in efficiencies in the range of 40% as well as an uptick of agent revenue generation in the range of 30%. These speak well to the value we are receiving from Thrio.”

“Some enterprises are eager to jump to new, AI-driven, microservices-built customer care solutions. Others are looking to add advanced outbound, digital and/or AI technology to legacy environments. Having lived in the contact center market for over two decades, the Thrio team has built a next-gen solution that addresses the needs of both groups.” said Sheila McGee-Smith, Founder of McGee-Smith Analytics.

About Thrio, Inc.
Thrio’s team consists of leading contact center experts who develop and market modern, cutting edge technology and reliability that aims to redefine contact center industry standards. Thrio’s ground-breaking one-stop AI-powered CCaaS platform features inbound and outbound voice engines, a complete suite of digital channels (email, chat, SMS, social), and AI-driven Situation Routing and journey management.

Thrio, Inc. Media Contact: Namir Yedid | Tel: 858.775.3212 |

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