Thrio Launches Global Private Network with Edge Servers

Thrio, Inc. maker of award-winning customer experience (CX) and cloud contact center software, announced today a fourth-generation voice solution combining a global private network (GPN) with geo-redundant CX and localized edge server technology.

The solution has three core elements:

  • Thrio’s geo-redundant CX platform
  • Secure, private global network connectivity
  • Edge server computing to localize voice

“Thrio’s GPN tackles two CX challenges that should be top-of-mind as companies rush to move contact center infrastructure to the cloud,” explains Dan Miller, Lead Analyst at Opus Research. “Their hybrid approach melds on-premises with cloud-based resources in a global private network that eliminates noticeable latencies and overcomes data residency issues that plague customer-care specialists. It is a novel approach that sets Thrio apart in a crowded market space.”

Geo-Redundant CX Platform

The anchor of Thrio’s GPN is its geo-redundant CX platform. Thrio operates its cloud-based software out of data centers worldwide. These are designed to deliver 24/7 service at scale, with the ability to transfer platform operations from one region to another within minutes. This same platform has zero maintenance windows, so new features and upgrades can be added without disrupting service. The environment allows both traditional and remote agents to be virtualized into one coordinated pool for easier management and visibility.

Secure, private network connectivity

With Thrio’s GPN, all communications travel over a global private network. This means internet threats and bad actors are kept at bay, since voice and data communications both stay off the public internet. Thrio dynamically utilizes the best available top-tier voice carriers, thanks to rapid traffic rerouting capabilities.

Edge server computing

Thrio’s GPN also includes the ability to orchestrate multiple agent sites into one globalized hub using edge server computing. This keeps agent voice communications local, eliminating unnecessary “tromboning” of traffic into far-flung edges of the network. In addition, Thrio’s edge server deployments offer a way to bridge the gap between legacy on-premises tech and modern cloud capabilities such as AI and omnichannel modalities.

“Thrio has enabled us to seamlessly virtualize our agent populations in the United States and Pakistan with their edge servers. This helps us with compliance and also ensures optimal voice quality for our agents and consumers alike,” says Justin Franklin, VP Global Strategy & Execution, Cedars Business Services.

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