Thrio Announces Secure Payment Agent Assist

Thrio, Inc., maker of award-winning cloud contact center software, announced today its Secure Payment Agent Assist™, a PCI-compliant credit card module. This native capability bolsters consumer confidence as agents do not see or hear any credit card information. Contact Center agents also benefit because of automated CRM updates and reduced data entry during card processing, therefore making them more efficient.

Thrio’s Secure Payment Agent Assist includes:

  • Seamless and automated hand-off from agent to IVR (Interactive Voice Response)
  • Choice of touch-tone or speech recognition inputs for customers
  • Automatic return to agent connection after credit card transaction is complete
  • Single screen view for agents (no “swivel chair”)
  • PCI-compliant connection to credit card gateway with temporary token integration
  • Automatic updates of customer CRM Record with PCN (Payment Confirmation Number)
  • Secure & controlled credit card data – agent never sees or hears credit card data

“With Thrio’s Secure Payment Agent Assist, enterprises can assure customers that employees will not have access to their credit card information,” said Lance Fried, Thrio Chief Marketing Officer. “At the same time, Thrio’s Native Process Automation reduces keystrokes and manual payment confirmation updates for the agent. It’s a great combination to help both customers and contact center staff simultaneously.”

“Work-from-home contact centers have sparked the need for heightened security,” says Dan Miller, lead analyst at Opus Research. “Yet the big impact of Thrio’s Secure Payment Agent Assist is its positive impact on customer experience based on assurance that their private information is protected.”

About Thrio, Inc.

Thrio’s groundbreaking CCaaS platform features robotic process automation, inbound and outbound voice engines, a complete suite of digital channels (email, chat, SMS, social), and a range of built in AI tools. Thrio offers an API-first architecture and array of security certifications that make it a strong choice for complex and high-volume environments. Thrio’s team of contact center experts develop and market cutting edge technology that sets a new standard for reliability in contact centers. To learn more, please visit

Thrio Contact:
Lance Fried
Chief Marketing Officer

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