Thrio Announces General Availability of Thrio Native Process Automation™

Thrio, Inc. announced the general availability today of Thrio Native Process Automation. Thrio Native Process Automation enables complex, customizable, multi-step omnichannel interactions to occur with a few clicks or even fully independent of agents/end users. Thrio NPA enables enterprises to automate, accelerate, and elevate enterprise communications with clicks, not code. With a near infinite array of potential configurations of the NPA systems, Thrio Native Process Automation offers tremendous flexibility and unmatched simplicity in advancing enterprise communications.

Thrio NPA has attracted attention from noted industry analyst Dan Miller, Lead Analyst and founder of Opus Research. “Thrio is alone among CCaaS solutions providers because it has created a novel, ‘no-code’ solution framework, NPA, that recognizes different ‘triggers’ from either agents or customers,” Miller explains. “Responding with consistent, correct answers at scale makes agents more productive, while improving customer experience.”

“Thrio NPA enables enterprises to get more done, faster and easier than ever,” said Lance Fried, CMO. “We are thrilled to enhance our award winning CCaaS platform with such forward looking capabilities,” continued Fried. Thrio’s CCaaS platform drives efficiencies across the enterprise. From leading native process automation capabilities that can be combined into a vast array of unique workflows to record-fast deployments, Thrio customers love having an all-in-one contact center infrastructure that meets them — and their customers — wherever they are across the globe.

Customers can deploy Thrio’s NPA systems as part of a deployment of Thrio’s CCaaS platform.

About Thrio, Inc.
Thrio’s team consists of leading contact center experts who develop and market modern, cutting edge technology and reliability that aims to redefine contact center industry standards. Thrio’s groundbreaking CCaaS platform features leading native process automation capabilities, inbound and outbound voice engines, a complete suite of digital channels (email, chat, SMS, social), and a range of AI tools built right in. To learn more, please visit

Thrio Contact:
Lance Fried
Chief Marketing Officer

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