DialMyApp, a leader in the Digital Transformation space, announced today its technology partnership with Thrio, Inc., maker of award-winning cloud contact center software. The partnership represents the blending of DialMyApp’s leading-edge digital transformation technology and Thrio’s award-winning CCaaS omnichannel platform. Thrio will be presenting demonstrations in its booth (number 630) at Customer Contact Week 2022 at Caesars Forum, Las Vegas.

The DialMyApp patented Digital Call solution, intercepts calls coming into the call center, and serves up a digital menu on the customer’s mobile device, offering options to self-serve, chat, make payments, schedule a call-back, or continue the call. The language of the menu can be rendered based on the customer’s language and phone settings. This flexible and mobile-centric experience reduces friction and delivers a more convenient and faster way for the customer to resolve their issue.

The DialMyApp Digital Call menu exposes elements of Thrio’s award-winning CCaaS solution, including displaying wait times, scheduling a call, chatting with an agent/AI-chatbot, making secure payments, etc. All of this is presented to the customer in a rich, frictionless mobile app experience.

DialMyApp can handle 100% of the smartphone call volume. The best experience is when the DialMyApp Digital Call is enabled by embedding the DialMyApp patented SDK into a native iOS/Android app. Furthermore, IVR integration is generally not required which accelerates the implementation time frame.

The combination of DialMyApp and Thrio:

  • Reduces frustration with IVR
  • Provides faster resolution of customer issues
  • Drives out costs associated with long hold times
  • Promotes 68% average digital engagement
  • Helps achieve 25%-35% average call deflection
  • Offers Rapid implementation of mobile app with CCaaS linkage
  • Provides Increased Customer Satisfaction
  • Delivers End-to-end Digital Transformation capabilities

The partnership delivers mobile-centric Digital Transformation and CCaaS services via Thrio’s global and redundant platform. This features seamless service provisioning in which there are no maintenance windows for enterprises that care about business continuity.

Yoram Meriaz, CEO at DialMyApp, says “We are leading the way in digital transformation by taking a decidedly visual and mobile approach to customer engagement. We are using the ubiquity of smartphones and Thrio’s AI-based CCaaS as a lever. By working closely with Thrio, we have developed powerful use cases that enable call deflection, friendly automation and frictionless modality switching. We are growing our partnership with Thrio not only for their leading-edge technology but also our shared love of customer centricity.”

Edwin Margulies, CEO at Thrio says of the relationship: “Thrio’s omnichannel platform is the perfect backstop for the rich digital transformation environment of DialMyApp. Our omnichannel capabilities and REST APIs are enabling great options for a visually rich customer journey made possible by DialMyApp.”

About DialMyApp

DialMyApp is an innovative digital transformation platform. By elegantly bringing the digital channels into the call center experience, customers adopt the convenient choices at a high rate, simply by calling. This drives transformation at scale and generates opportunities for revenue growth and significant cost reductions. The DialMyApp solution is already installed on several hundred million devices globally. DialMyApp, developed by MBTE Sweden AB, provides the DialMyApp platform worldwide with offices in Gothenburg Sweden, Tel Aviv Israel, Mexico City, Sao Paulo Brazil, as well as Sales & Marketing offices in Atlanta, Georgia. To learn more, please visit https://www.dialmyapp.com/

About Thrio, Inc.

For businesses who want to meet customers wherever they are in our on-demand world, the solution lives within Thrio’s flexible, scalable AI-powered contact center platform. Powerful automations make agents jobs easier and quicker, with more personalized service for every customer. This paves the way for the friction-free service your customers want and your brand demands. Thrio helps enterprises stay at the heart of the right conversations and the right experiences, every time. To learn more, please visit https://www.thrio.com.

Thrio Contact: Lance Fried Chief Marketing Officer 858-248-0098