Get Started

It’s easy to get started with Thrio!

Step One: Reach Out

First, let us know how Thrio can help. Need an omnichannel deployment? How about a digital portal for your customers? Or a full-fledged virtual agent? No matter what your needs are, we are here to help you.

Step Two: Discovery

We meet with your stakeholders to identify the essential use cases that drive success for your business. Often, we’ll review your bills and talk to your team’s subject matter experts to fully understand the challenges you are attempting to solve. We talk about the volume of transactions, channel types, workflow and your internal policies. This all goes into a set of launch success documents that Thrio uses internally to rally around your solution.

Step Three: Kickoff

We do a Kick-Off Call to identify all the folks who will be guiding you through the creation of your Thrio service. We agree on a timeline and specific action items, introduce executive sponsors, and lay out a plan and timeline to ensure a successful launch. 

Step Four: User Acceptance Testing

We will put your solution into a “staging” system so you can put it through its paces before cutting over to a live, production system. Once you are satisfied we port the phone numbers if you have them and make everything live. Done!

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