Contact center solutions that set you apart

Contact center solutions that set you apart

Making the customer journey count

You want to deliver a memorable and personalized experience, add value to every interaction, and build your brand’s reputation for quality customer service. Your customers want to spend less time on hold and more time enjoying your service, browsing your products, or simply getting on with their day.

To set themselves apart from the competition, enterprises and service providers of all sizes are getting smart about their customer service – saving time, resources, and money in the process. This means consumers are demanding more and will no longer settle for second-rate support.

The contact center solutions of tomorrow are right here. Digital innovations, streamlined processes and reduced vendor count make Thrio the go-to choice for national service providers, household names and global enterprises, from travel, hospitality and retail to healthcare and finance.

What is a contact center?

With the primary aim of managing customer inquiries, contact centers form the central hub for interactions between your brand and your customers across all channels.

Whatever the touch points, a contact center aims to take the customer query and ensure it’s passed to the right department to be dealt with appropriately. It’s also an essential part of diffusing tension and stopping a customer’s dissatisfaction from turning into a complaint, bad review or reason to leave.

It’s the contact center’s job to manage queries, complaints, admin and tech support as smoothly and efficiently as possible, but that’s no easy feat. Especially without the right technology.

As a crucial part of the customer journey, an interaction with an agent or chatbot should be as quick and easy as possible. Long wait times, being passed from department to department and moving in circles without finding answers or resolutions can all result in customer turnover and frustration on both sides. And that’s why choosing the right contact center as a service platform (CCaaS) for your business needs is crucial.

Why do businesses use contact center solutions today?

In an ideal world, it should be easy to manage customers’ expectations and keep them happy. Yet businesses of all shapes and sizes are faced with similar challenges. From increasing demands for self-service portals and more efficient transactions and support, to big data, security and compliance, there are many reasons why businesses turn to contact center technology. The right CCaaS platform can help you retain customers, nurture leads, upsell, and even scale faster and more cost-effectively – plus so much more. But in order to begin to solve these problems effectively, it’s important to find a solution that takes a holistic approach.

This is because serving customers isn’t a one-step process. Automating the outreach and follow-up can make service seem more personalized and hands-on, without adding work for agents or the business.

Similarly, customer touchpoints happen across multiple channels, from websites and socials to apps and support portals, so it’s important that your solution can manage them harmoniously.
Traditional contact center platforms put these touchpoints into discrete silos – making it hard for agents and the enterprise to understand a customer’s whole journey and manage it successfully. Thrio helps organize, visualize, and surface the journey so enterprises know when, how, and why customers have reached out to them.

The approach to automation itself is also important. In the past, CCaaS providers have treated it as an add-on, rather than a core part of the platform – and many still do. Thrio, on the other hand, was built with automation and integration as integral pillars. The result is an all-in-one solution that won’t require specialist technical knowledge to upgrade or configure.

Other platforms have promised to solve these problems, but they’ve historically been very expensive, very complex, and very difficult to implement. Thrio makes this all fast, simple, and affordable.

What’s the difference between a contact center and a call center?

Traditionally, a call center managed inbound and outbound phone calls and offered a way to answer top-level queries and complete simple administrative tasks, funneling more complex requests to different departments and escalating complaints up the chain as needed. With the rise of automation, social media and digital messaging, the role of agents has changed in many cases, so the omnichannel contact center is the modern equivalent – although many people will use the two terms interchangeably.

The contact centers of today respond to their customers across SMS, chatbot, email, webforms, social and beyond, as well as handling phone calls with seamless transfers. They include context and history for agents so they don’t have to ask customers to repeat themselves. This lets agents be more free to help solve issues, empathize, and offer outstanding customer experiences without adding time, cost, or complexity.

What is a cloud contact center?

A cloud-based contact center services all your inbound and outbound customer communications from a web-based host. There’s no software to install, update, or manage. There are no servers to buy/rent and no data center contracts to deal with. With the aim of speeding up data transfer and centralizing information, cloud contact center solutions create a more integrated service, reduce downtime and streamline processes to make agents’ jobs easier and more efficient. What you get with a cloud solution is a more resilient, redundant system that works when and where you need it, without extra work on your part.

Through a combination of cloud-based and AI-driven technology, you can make seamless, omnichannel communications a reality, create more opportunities for self-service and ensure outreach activities are accurate and relevant to the prospect or company. You can also make sure customer journeys are logical and remote agents are united, informed and consistent. Automating and streamlining processes will be so much easier, and you’ll ensure downtime is virtually eliminated.

Thrio’s cloud-based contact center tech is a holistic, one-vendor solution, which means you can say goodbye to cobbled together infrastructures and complex, costly upgrades.

Is contact center technology the right solution for you?

Whatever challenges you, your agents or your customers are facing, modern cloud contact center platforms can make them a thing of the past. From contact center software and chatbots to scripting, intelligent routing and more, the benefits are endless.

Whatever the scale of your enterprise, our contact center solutions ensure your customers remember you for the right reasons. It’s about facilitating positive, helpful, convenient experiences. That way you can build a lasting connection with every customer, have conversations wherever suits them best, and you can manage it all from one optimized central platform.

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